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We grow over 150 different species including fragrant essences, wild flowers or romantic flowers, such as cornflowers, cosmos, zinnias, snapdragons, dahlias.
We are one of the first Italian organic farm specialized in the cultivation of cut flowers.
The blooms follow the seasonality so our bouquets are available from mid May to the end of September.                                     
Fiori recisi Fattoria delle Erbe

We offer bouquets rich in heirloom flowers and green scents, difficult to find in traditional floral arrangements.
We guarantee the freshness of our bunches, we deliver within 24-48 hours from the harvest, supplying only local grocery that share our same philosophy.
We pack mixed bouquets, different every week, with natural materials like brown paper and raw ribbons.
We create floral arrangements for weddings or any other type of events, giving a natural and chic touch to every composition.

We create dry flowers bouquet, giving a natural and fragrant touch to every house.

       Dry Flowers Bouquet

dry flowers bouquet

dry flowers bouquet




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