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Using the herbs of our farm we prepare? a wide range of products. Their intense scent, and vivid and brilliant colors, make each package unique. We chose to cultivate herbs that have a delicious flavor, avoiding bitter and sour tastes, to make every sip and every tasting a pleasant sensory experience.


• PASTA WITH HERBS AND FLOWERS: the best way to have a quick first course dish at home without giving up on flavor (our noodles are aromatized with herbs) and the beauty of the dish (the edible flowers attached to the pasta pack are used for the final garnish and dressing)


• RISO BOUQUET: a delicious risotto that comes from a smart mix of flowers and herbs. Easy to cook with the sole addition of vegetable broth you will get a gourmet dish


• "FLOWER DRINK": a taste-free digestive drink, made without sugar. Perfect as after-meal drink.


• AROMATIC SALT: scented herbal mixtures that embellish our wholemeal salt and make it an ideal match for soups, fish, meat or salads.


• AROMATIC SUGAR: flowers and herbs give scent and freshness to cane sugar, giving a unique and intense aroma to desserts and drinks.

Pasta alle erbe e risotti con fiori Fattoria delle Erbe

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