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Fattoria delle Erbe is a family-run farm located in the green of the Treviso area. With great passion we cultivate over 150 species of aromatic herbs and edible flowers, trying to let people know about aromas and scents mostly unknown.

CULTIVATION: All processing, from sowing to harvest, takes place manually and with great care, following the times and techniques of natural cultivation, avoiding the use of any chemical. Harvested herbs are processed in a timely manner to preserve the quality and organoleptic characteristics. 

We maintain the balance of our garden by rotating cultures, differentiating species and controlling the constant presence of useful insects. We are thus able to guarantee a high quality of the crop, which with the use of mechanical means could not be obtained in the same way. We thus obtain high quality food and cosmetics. ì

DRYING PROCESS: After harvesting the herbs in their balsamic moments (when they are richer with active ingredients and fragrances), we proceed to a natural and timely drying to preserve the quality and maintain the bright colors and the intense aroma.

We will be happy to welcome you to our garden and let you discover our plants with their wonderful colors, perfumes and properties. You can stroll in nature, sniff every plant, relax and regenerate.

Coltivazione Fattoria delle Erbe




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